Miss Saigon Audition Rant

I woke up this morning and read the following article:

Breaking News: West End Revival of MISS SAIGON to Hold Auditions in Manila, 11/19-22

Cameron Mackintosh and Dong Alegre, the representative of Mackintosh in the Philippines, will hold the Manila auditions for the West End revival of one of Mackintosh’s late ‘80s mega musicals, “Miss Saigon,” at Philippine Opera Company’s brand-new headquarters, the Opera Haus (3657 Bautista St., Makati City), on Monday, November 19 until Thursday, November 22.

(Read the entire article here.)


It’s my top second favorite musical. (Top three in order: Les Miz, Miss Saigon, A Chorus Line) And they’re coming here to get people to audition. To go all the way to London and perform on stage. But y’know. I’ve been in the theatre industry long enough to know that there is such a big chance they won’t be accepting me into the cast.

I’m fourteen years old, I’ve done one professional show and I can’t dance, I can only act in song, and I can’t sing that well. Plus, my mom will probably allow me to audition, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to allow me to drop out of school and fly my all the way to London just to perform. And where do you see a fourteen year old in Miss Saigon? But the problem is I want to do this.

I want to drop out of school (Well, be homeschooled of course. I mean, I can’t get through life without education [Luigi’s inner Hermione.]) and fly all the way to anywhere for the sake of being on a stage performing for these people who don’t even know you. It’s not the fame I’m after. I’m after getting the chance to please people. Yes, it would be amazing to hear everyone clapping for you and asking you for your autograph and tweeting you after the show, but I’m not after the attention. I’m after getting the chance to know that they enjoyed the show. The audience was pleased. Because that is what theatre is about. We comfort people. We make people happy. We get people to think about what’s going on in their life.

I know myself. Well, not really. I don’t exactly know who I am, but I know that when I want something I am willing to give it my all. And this is how I feel about the Miss Saigon auditions. I want this. It’ll be a big stepping stone further into the world I love (the world of theatre) and I’ll learn more from it through the experiences I’ll have if ever I do get in. I may not have stepped on a lot of stepping stones to get to that stepping stone into Miss Saigon and I’m not sure if I’m worthy enough to jump from the stone I’m on right now (annoying untalented fangirl theatre workshopper) to Miss Saigon. But that’s realism. Theatre and realism aren’t a good combination. Sometimes you have to put the things you worry about aside and just do what you want to do. If you really do love it, then you’ll do it. I said earlier that I’ve been in the theatre world long enough to know I probably won’t get accepted, but I’ve also been in the theatre world long enough that the smallest, unnoticed people do have a chance. That’s all.

“It’s about us. It’s about what we do. It’s about hard work. It takes your guts, it takes your soul. But you’re willing to give it.” – Charlotte d’Amboise

6 thoughts on “Miss Saigon Audition Rant

  1. Hey, I’m 17, and I want to audition as well. I don’t have much dance training, I have a few years of voice but I don’t have the most amazing range, but I can act. And it’s hard to find a place for young people like us in Miss Saigon but, I’m still auditioning in the hopes of at least getting my name thrown into the mix. Have you chosen an audition song?

    • Why hello there! Lea Salonga got cast as Kim when she was eighteen, so you can probably do this as well. And you should still audition. You’re just going to regret not auditioning if you don’t. I’ve chosen an audition song, but I’m not telling anybody what it is yet!

      • Hi, again, are you afraid someone will steal it? Lol. Did you hear tho? They’re looking for ensemble members ages 20-30. I know I’m young but I’m still gonna go for it. So far, I have Stars (Les Miserables), Everybody Says Don’t (Anyone Can Whistle), and I Got Plenty o’ Nuttin’ (Porgy & Bess) as my possible audition songs.

      • Yeah. Haha. 20-30? I’m too young to audition, but then again when has age ever stopped me from auditioning? Lololololol. I’m still gonna go for it even though I know I won’t get cast. Good choices!

      • Then I look forward to seeing you at the audition. You’re so right though, like what harm can having your name put out there, and your talent seen by people. Even if you’re not the right fit, you might fit somewhere else. Are you primarily a singer?

      • I look forward to seeing you too! I auditioned for Resorts World’s production of “The King and I” and I didn’t get accepted. I was too old to pass as a child and too young to pass as part of the male ensemble, but I think it’s good to audition because if you’re good enough, maybe they’ll remember you. Out of the three aspects of the word “triple threat” I’m probably only one third of that. Dancer: 0; Singer: .5; Actor: .5. So, I guess I’ll say I’m primarily just an aspiring performer. Sorry for the very late reply, by the way! I’ve been quite busy lately.

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